24/7 Professional Monitoring

$7.99 a month or $79.99 a year

EmergenSee is a personal security mobile application for iPhone and Android. Sign up for professional monitoring and professionally trained security agents are always one click away 24/7/365, offering security wherever you go. If you sense danger, simply tap the app on your phone. EmergenSee immediately streams live audio and video, along with your GPS location, to our professional monitoring company giving them the tools they need to assess the situation and send appropriate resources. EmergenSee is the only mobile security app that can stream live audio, video and GPS location. We hold the patent for it.


With EmergenSee's 24/7 Professional Monitoring Plan you get:

Pinpoint GPS location

Real-time Audio & Video streaming

Safe Walk (real-time video escort)

Virtual Escort (timed alarm if destination not reached)

Stealth Mode Capability to record even though your phone appears to be off

Two-Way Texting for live chat with EmergenSee Agents


To see how EmergenSee works, click here: EmergenSee Videos


Recent assaults have received national attention - and many are preventable. CLICK HERE to order 24/7 professional monitoring ($7.99 a month or $79.99 a year).